About Us

Who We Are

We are Elena and Mounir, and we bring you Lever & Bloom Coffee, a speciality coffee kiosk and a coffee shop/microbakery in the heart of Central London. We serve delicious hand-pulled espresso-based drinks (ethically sourced speciality coffee beans from London roasters Climpson & Sons) and artisan bakes from our in-house microbakery.

Our Values

–        Staying connected with our customers. We relish and nurture the lovely neighbourhood feel in both Bloomsbury & Covent Garden, appreciate all your feedback, and extremely grateful and joyous, when you come back to us again.

–        Offering you hand – crafted coffee and food, that is made well and is full of flavour

–        Giving you great customer service. Always with a warm welcome and a smile.

–        Helping people in need with our direct involvement.

–        Educating curious minds about the wonderful world of speciality coffee.

Our aim is to give you the best service and quality of the coffee and the food we offer. Even when there is a queue of 20 people, we promise that every customer will get equally great coffee, served with a double shot, latte art if milk-based, and always with a smile. Our cup of coffee may take longer to make, because each is freshly ground, brewed at precise temperature, and poured slowly to give you an unforgettable taste and aroma you will relish long after the first sip.