Lever & Bloom Artisan independent coffee shop & bakery

Lever & Bloom ☕️ speciality coffee & cinnamon buns

Lever & Bloom Coffee

Who We Are

We are Elena and Mounir, and we bring you Lever & Bloom Coffee, a speciality coffee kiosk and a coffee shop/microbakery in the heart of Central London. We serve delicious hand-pulled espresso-based drinks (ethically sourced speciality coffee beans from London roasters Climpson & Sons) and artisan bakes from our in-house microbakery.

Some Love From Our Clients

“Love ❤️❤️ cheesecake and never see it as cake just protein 😂🙌 ”

“ 😍❤️🙌🔥👏👏👏Beautiful people and fantastic business owners”

“Absolutely love your orange pistachio buns 😍😍 ”